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Cabin windows at night


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I just installed the Tinmouse II for FSX, including updates .31 & .32. I then created a new texture for Western. I noticed none of the textures have any night lights. I created night textures, giving them the letter L suffix (F1_B732_F1_L.bmp, etc).


I went to one website that said the texture file needs to have a texture.cfg file in it. So I copied a texture.cfg file from another aircraft (default 737-800) and added it to my Tinmouse texture folder (texture.western). Didn't work. Tried a different texture.cfg file. Still didn't work. Here is what it had:








I also noted that other aircraft, like the HJG DC8, do not have a texture.cfg file and their cabin windows light up at night just fine. I'm obviously missing something here. I even tried copying my night textures to the Scenery\global\texture file in FSX. Still nothing. What am I missing?

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The texture.cfg is only needed if you are storing textures for one livery in more than one folder. That way you can put common textures in one folder and not need a copy in each livery folder.


Creating new textures will not work unless those texture names are called out in the .mdl file.


If you have Model Converter X (and you should) you can open the .mdl file in MCX and see what all textures are called out by the .mdl.


Bottom line, if the developer did not assign night textures to the model there is no way for you to add them.



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I essentially agree with "STRINGBEAN" .... but .... want to comment additionally as follows .... "in regard to HJG supplied textures (only) at least ....


Cabin window night lighting on most HJG supplied aircraft is a product of the "L" texture BMP files (and actual cabin window lighting configurations for these often varies in accordance the actual specifications for any R/W subject .... especially among the DC-8's and DC-10's it offers) and activate automatically after, and before, certain FS time of day/seasonal lighting scenarios become effective .... whilst in other cases (again among HJG supplied simulations) cabin window lighting, whilst still being a product of the "L" texture BMP's, won't be seen to illuminate until certain panel based lighting switches are first engaged.


But an actual TEXTURE.CFG file isn't necessary .... at least for the files HJG either owns or has been authorized to modify for its own offering.



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