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Matrox Triple Head and FSX


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I installed a Matrox Triple Head set and, after many trials and approximations, it seems to work at last. I use 1 screen (0) for cockpit and 3 screens thru Matrox (1a 1b and 1c) for outer view. All monitors connected via DVI outputs to an NVidia GT460. Both are set on virtual cockpit.

3 points still remain :


1/ I've set "Wide" in FSX .cfg file, the set is set up for 3 screens, I can drag the window across the 3 screens but this doesn't extend the angle of view accordingly. Till 2 screens wide, picture is ok. If I pull wider, picture is streched and distorted. Any way to fix it ?


2/ In the various control pannels I have to access !NVidia, Matrox and FSX), I can't find the same resolutions proposed in each, and not the one corresponding to 3x the size of one screen..


3/ When I have spent 15 mn to have all going, I can't save the setup, and I have to do it all from the scratch (Windows display preferences, NVidia pannel and Matrow pannel) everytime I start my computer. Any way to save yhose settings to restore the whole set on one command ?


I know it's a lot of demand but every contribution will be highly apreciated.

Thanks in advance

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