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Denver edge CloudFlare server


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On this website and another site that uses CloudFlare including my own website, the Denver edge server causes the page to load like absolute crap, and often times I see in my browser bottom left waiting for such and such site. Yet, if I use a different location with my VPN now out of Chicago I don't get this.


Now this is NOT a VPN thing. With my website I don't use a VPN since most are blocked and my location is near Denver so I get this issue connecting to the Denver edge server. Since I have a VPN I can verify certain edge server locations and not using Denver the website's load fine.


On my website I verified that it was a CloudFlare Denver edge server issue by bypassing CloudFlare with my hosts file and my site loaded fine. Now I opened a ticket with CloudFlare about this several weeks ago and got a BS email back saying we are a caching CDN and all that rot which I know, duh! Then they closed my ticket and nothing was done. In the CloudFlare community I even opened a topic. Nothing done.


So we have a CloudFlare Denver edge server issue and if you would, open a ticket with CloudFlare and let them know.



Again, I have this Denver edge server issue with my website, the sevenforums.com website and your website. All use CloudFlare. And so far it's just the Denver edge server. With me using a Chicago location now I have no trouble.

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From our ISP:

"I will make sure its not a blocked center.. here it the thing.. he has this issue with all sites from that center so I'm going to tell you right now its on his end / with cloudflare.. he could be blocked there.. but not from us or you..


I hope this helps...



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Well, I think I solved it for my site that uses CloudFlare. I created a page rule to omit caching for the entire site and wiped the current cache. So far so good.


But with my home ISP here in Colorado or using my VPN that connects to a Denver server, I get very poor website loading, etc with this site and another site that uses CloudFlare, and I was getting the same thing with my site. This never happened before. I confirmed it was a CloudFlare edge server issue in Denver because I temporally bypassed CloudFlare for my site using the Windows hosts file and putting a line in there to directly connect to my server bypassing CloudFlare altogether. Doing that and the site loaded as it should.


Now if I use another location to test edge server locations with my VPN, Denver gives me poor website performance for CloudFlare enabled websites, but other locations like Chicago that I'm using now or even Lisbon, Portugal gives me great performance.


What's strange is for a time I was being routed to the Dallas CloudFlare edge server from my location using my ISP in Colorado instead of the Denver edge server. Now that I'm back to being routed to the Denver edge server all hell broke lose and I would have a heck of a time even connecting to my own website with CloudFlare. Yet a bypass connecting directing to my host's server and no performance degradation at all.


So if my page rule works to omit the caching, I'll just keep it like that for a while, see what happens and hope I still don't have performance issues with my site. As for the other sites, I guess I need to use the Chicago location in my VPN from now on instead of Denver. I really don't know what to make of this.

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