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New 2020 Helicopter update releases !


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Hello Prepar3D Helicopter Pilots


I have been out of Flightsimulating for 3 years now .

But recently I purchased and installed Prepar3D v4.5

So far I am very happy that I choose Prepar3D and not X-Plane 11.

Unexpected even my Milviz Huey Redux which I purchased these days when FSX was up is working fine.:)

Yesterday I went to Milviz Website and saw that they updated the Huey with a tuning pack in February 2020

I watched the video at



and I have to say it looks very impressive !!

So far I could see the new Huey has a new exterior light system, they designed new turbine effects and gave working guns to the UH-1C model .

Before I purchase, I want to ask you Helicopter Pilots :

Does anybody purchased this tuning package and can give us some reviews.

Thanks in advance:)

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Hallo Leandro37

I just saw your thread :-)


yes i bought the Huey Tuning Pack two weeks ago:) and I'm very satisfied :-)

the effects give the helicopter the finishing touches.

It realy worth it.


I also shot a small video to give you another impression

Check it out on youtube

Video name:

Milviz Huey Redux with Huey Tuning Pack 2020 ( 4K

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