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Flight Rudder Pedals for sale - The Viper RX with damper, from Slaw Device Company


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Hi guys. First post here. I am a space sim fan, not stuff like real earth flight.


I am selling a set of high end rudder pedals that I never even opened. I bought them for Star Citizen, thinking it was going to happen, and it didn't.




These are from an overseas company called Slaw Device Company on Facebook. This guy builds amazing custom designed high quality flight rudder pedals. I bought mine with the damper option that has a great impact on feel and performance. Really improving accuracy and feedback is a huge benefit. The damper has to be installed, and I have instructions for you from the email chain with the builder.


Here is a link to the gallery I posted on IMGUR if the unopened box and lots of nice detailed photos of the product - please note that 4 of these photos show the pedals without the damper installed: https://imgur.com/a/nyNq9ia


I will send you my entire email chain with the builder if you are interested in purchase. But here is the part of the email thread on the price.




It cost me exactly that - $693. I am looking for $575 plus shipping, which I think is fair since this is a mint box, let alone a mint piece of hardware. I live in Michigan. I have calculated the cost to ship via USPS to the furthest place in the main USA, California. Of course I picked 90210. The cost to send from here to there is $94.60. Plus the cost of insurance.


You will likely get them shipped cheaper. And I will cover the fees for insuring the package for the full purchase price, and send you a photo of the tracking receipt and proof of insurance.



I know I am totally new here. But I can tell you some information about me. I am lludson on eBay with a 100% feedback rating. I used to work for EA Sports on F1 and Nascar simulations, as well as Madden. Then iRacing.


You can PM me here.

You can email me at hudsonkerr@gmail.com (Paypal verified with my home address and phone number)

My cell is 616.308.3936

My Skype user name is: Sunfield Trails.

You can get me on Whatsapp via my phone number.



Cheers, and happy flying.



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