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can not get rid of statics at ISD LIRF


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i don't know if this has been posted, I can not get rid of parked static aircraft at ISD LIRF and I would hate to delet it and install the aerosoft mega rome, cause they don't have the gates numbered as per the real airport.

I did notice one thing,,, on the Bergamo scenery it has 3 of the bgls for statics at LIRF >>>>LIRF_S1.bgl,,, _S2........_S3,,, could this be causing the staics to keep showing up and what would happen if I renamed then for bergamo's airport code???

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We cleared the area of civilian traffic... sent in a drone!

Confirm ISD LIRF has no statics.




It may well be that some other scenery package references statics here, make sure you don't have 2 different LIRF airport sceneries installed!

If the files are as you suspect, just rename them to LIRF_S1.bak or similar and the statics will be gone.

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