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Beechcraft Baron 58 Home cockpit


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Hello everyone, I'm new to these forums when it comes to posting, but I've been reading it for years.

Recently I started building my own simpt, of a Beech Baron 58.

Since I got a lot of help from other topics over here, I want share my experiences while building this with you as well.

For those interested I'm keeping a blog here:




Hope you guys and girls like it!

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Excellent and interesting blog. Am thinking about building a ga simpit not sure of the type of aircraft yet but probably a c152 as it's the one I'm most familier with.


Am about to build a new pc as my existing one is a bit old in the tooth plus am dabbling with arduino to see how much of this I can do myself.


Anyway look forward to reading the next instalment. Keep up the good work.




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thank you Eyuppp! I'm also trying to find out what to do with a pc dilemma. I need a second pc for the instruments, that doesnt have to be that powerfull, but with a motherboard that's compatible with a Nvidia 660 I already have.
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