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Fully Enclosed Flight Simulator


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I am trying to sell a home built, fully operational flight simulator. It currently has the Windows Beoing 737 NG system, but is set up to run anything down to a Cessna. It was built into a stand alone shed, that we've since moved on to a trailer for easier mobility. The pilot passed away recently, so we're doing the best we can with our lack of knowledge. It has been operated recently, and everything works great. Photos are attached. Take a look! We're located around Sacramento, CA. We'd like to sell the whole thing, building and all but we're open to piecing it out as well. Just need it to go to an enthusiast that can enjoy it like it's original owner did! We've had a couple flight schools interested, but trying to get it FAA compliant will be a chore so we thought we'd try the enthusiast market.image2.jpegimage1.jpegimage0.jpegimage2.jpegimage1.jpegimage0.jpeg If you want more detail (photos, videos, etc.), shoot me a message!
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