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Wondering about the correct usage for Cami De Bellis's library...


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Hello. I am a bit new to the world of Xplane and the vast amount of addons for it... mind blowing. I was seeing numerous mentions of this library all over the place. What I did not find an answer to is whether this library stands on it's own, or is only used in conjunction with other custom addons like airports?

So I was wondering if objects in it will effectively 'replace' some of the out-of-the-box objects from a vanilla install, or is it just other packages like custom airports, etc, that reference it?

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Hi there,


Welcome to the X-Plane forums:D


Yes, things can seem daunting at first, especially if you're used to the MSFS environment but don't worry as it's not nearly as complicated as it sounds and it actually works very well.


Let me explain (Sunday morning, so bear with me;)).


X-Plane uses what are called scenery libraries (each library containing many different objects) and these libraries, with their associated objects are used to render custom sceneries.


The most common of these are:


OpenSceneryX: http://www.opensceneryx.com


RuScenery: http://ruscenery.x-air.ru


R2 Library: http://r2.xpl.cz


The Handy Object Library: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=search&fsec=0&fname=the_handy_objects_library.zip


Model Library: http://world2xplane.com/downloads/


There are more, but this gives you an example.


These library folders (containing their many objects) are then placed inside your Custom Scenery folder.


If an object, which is used by a particular scenery is used, that object is then 'pulled' (from that library) by X-Plane and displayed in the scenery.


Cami's library works in the some way: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=search&fsec=0&fname=cdb_library.zip


All that is needed from the user (you) is that the folder be placed in your Custom Scenery folder.


So, to answer your question, these libraries add, rather than replace the default X-Plane library.


By having such a vast array of objects, scenery designers are then able to create many different sceneries. The more libraries, the more interesting a scenery usually is.


Of course, some designers prefer to use their own objects (custom built) and these are then included in the scenery you download.


Here is a great article on the subject:




Hope this helps:D


Happy Flying!



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