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Protective Back Suggestions for Dash Panel?


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I'm in the midst of wiring up everything for my c172 trainer. Gauges are installed, GPS is up, TRC radio control board in the mail, and my Brunner yoke comes in on Monday. I still need to wire the switches and sliding pots which will be done once I get a couple FI extender boards delivered. Everything seems to be lining up.


However, I would like to protect the rear side of the dash panel, and was wondering if anyone has come up with any ingenious solutions on their own build? For the top, I would need something that is flexible enough for the top trim, and have been leaning towards foam board, and possibly using that material for the back as well (surrounding the yoke base), and have wood providing the strength and support for the panel frame.


Any materials that I should also stay away from that might induce electrical shock that might be easily missed when today's building supplies?



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