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Orbx scenery file locations


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hi folks.

This should really be on the Orbx forum page but for the life of me, I cannot get access despite changing passwords et al.


I have two 250GB SSD. My OS, P3D andOrbx are all on C and I have run out of space to load my latest acquisition (True earch GB South).


I want to transfer my Orbx suite to my D drive and have it still accessible by P3d which is on the 'C' drive (obviously).


On Orbx central it gives me the option to edit the drive. If I select the 'D' drive, will all my Orbx suite be transferred to the other drive and will P3D find it or do I have to tell it it to do that and how.


Sorry for naff questions but I am a mental midget with the computer stuff

Appreciate any advice

many thanks

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ORBX Central gives you the option of loading their additions directly into your sim OR into a library, in which you select the location.

You might need to download via ORBX central but you can select your drive of choice for your ORBX Library.


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