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STAR charts

P Thompson

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STARs do not lead to a runway but to the Initial Approach Fix (IAF) of one or more instrument approaches or to a point where you should expect radar vectoring towards an IAF.


You should decide which runway you will land on and then choose a suitable instrument approach leading to that runway.

Then you pick a STAR that connects where you are coming from to that instrument approach.


If you are coming from the east then you should not pick a STAR that starts in the west.

And if you want to start the approach from the south then you should pick a STAR that ends in the south.


In the simulator this will be up to you. In real life ATC may offer some input.


Charts for many airfields can be found online as pdfs.

They will contain SIDs, STARs, airport diagrams and approach charts.


Post a flight that you want to fly (departure, destination and route) and we can give you some more specific advice.

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