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Windows10 caused VTOL problem for F-35B


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Hi Pertti,


If you are talking about Dino's F-35B Lightning II, then rather than give a lengthy explanation, perhaps your answer is on page 6 (in red text) of the user guide (F-35ABC_FSXA_User_manual.pdf) located in the F-35A Docs folder. It talks specifically about having "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (X86) installed", I assume also that it is a good idea to have all redistributable packages (x64 & x86) Up-to-Date.

There is an All-in-One Visual C++ Runtime updater available on the MajorGeeks website.



There is also a requirement that you Trust the SSWVTOL.DLL when loading the aircraft for the first time, which will be added to your FSX.cfg [Trusted] section. Check that it is in the trust section and has an =2 after the entry string.

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