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Now I'm back flying in FS2004, I forgot I had on one of my disks, FSNavigator, anyway I installed it but after clicking on the various icons for some reason I can't get it to center screen with the aircraft.


I select 'Center Page' but the aircraft is still in the corner and sometimes goes off the page, I used to be able to do it but it's been ages since I used it, so is there something I'm missing?


Also I have it displayed on my other screen, not the flight sim screen, it opens in flight sim but I drag it over to the other screen so I have the sim running and the FSNav open on the the other like a moving map.



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Hello Col

I am not quite sure what you are asking, but you say the little aircraft can sometimes disappear of the map. Have you tried the option that allows 'AIRCRAFT TO FOLLOW MAP' its the second to last choice on the bottom of all the options ie show ils ,vor,airports etc.This will at least stop the aircraft indicator disappearing.


cheers Andy

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Hi Andy,

yes I've done that mate. No I mean when I open the program it starts as you know as the globe, I can see the aircraft icon on the globe, then I zoom in to it, it stays kind of central for a while then the more I zoom it goes to one side.

I'm trying to bring the icon back to the center so I can zoom in more or see the names of various airfields and towns etc.

I know when the aircraft travels to the edge of the map it then centers again but it getting it center in the first place.



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I have fathomed it now, got it working, it was me getting it wrong lol.


Thanks though Andy for offering help, much appreciated.





You are welcome, but don't leave us in suspence, what was the problem and how did you fix it?

It may be of use to someone else experiencing the same thing.

FsNavigator such a good utility.

Would be great if the new SIM had something similar as standard .


Cheers Andy

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