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Nemeth EC130 Repaints not Working


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Hi all,


Am near getting the ND Ec130 ready for flying - last step is to install some repaints. However, when I try to install this - https://edrm-repaints.com/aircraft.php?id=ec130 - repaint I get nothing in the FSX aircraft select menu. Have tried playing around with the aircraft.cfg file but still can't get it to work. Of note is that a few of the files within the texture file are un-openable and don't display textures like the other paints. The thumbnail is a jpeg but it says that it can't be opened - strange.


Please let me know a solution!

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I don't have this helicopter but I downloaded the paints for it and they all open fine for me, the thumbnail by the way is just a picture of a piece of paper with the name on it.


I take it you have the helicopter, has it got an air file with it with the name ec130 and is the model name sa?



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Indeed - the only thing's that look to be a problem is the fact that one of the textures doesn't show the contents in the icon menu (the others show the contents) which leads me to think that perhaps it's corrupt. Secondly - the thumbnail doesn't display the contents either (which the others do).


Yes I have the helicopter and yes it has the ec130 air file and yes was using the model=sa version.


Did you take a look at the cfg addition that goes with the new repaint?? If so let me know if you think anything should be different. Apart from that - and I checked the whole cfg entry - it's hard to think why it doesn't work.


Let me know some other potential solutions!!



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Have you got the program DTXbmp it is free to download:




I noticed in the texture HB-ZAZ there are 3 files that are not resent in the texture HB-ZLT, you could try and copy those in to the ZLT texture and see if that does anything, I haven't got the model to try it myself.

IF you have DXTbmp or you get it that will open all the files in the textures then you can see for yourself what they look like, they are all DTX5 by the way.

Sorry I, not much more help.


Also I take it you have changed the number in [fltsim.XX] to the next number in the cfg like [fltsim.3] or whatever the next number is?



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