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My FSX Gold acts odd


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Hi. I swapped Win.7 64 Gb for Win.10 64 Gb one. then this problem occured. Win.7 64Gb, FSX worked Great. I've a pile of purchased planes, everyone looks weird and partly visible on FREE FLIGHT window, only HJJ Jump Jet, it looks normal and it's flyable too.

Other problem consist of Manage Attachments Folder, I've few pics to attach but I can't find it.

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@ MikeJuliet


I have helped others who have had similar problems with some addons and the problem is usually as a result of missing/corrupted 'essential application libraries - read on...


@ FinnHarrier


As this is a Win 10 related issue, it is possibly related to what versions of essential application 'libraries' you have installed. By default, Win 10 ships without some of the earlier versions of such 'libraries' that FSX (and other programs) relies on.


For example FSX requires Direct X version 9, and although it is included on the installation disks, it is woefully out of date and incompatible with Win 10 (Win 10, depending on the build state source file, only ships with v10 or above).


In some cases where Win 10 is installed as an update to an existing OS (i.e. 7 or 8) there have been reported problems as the Win 10 install overwrites certain system files with new Win 10 versions that are incompatible with some or more of the older files from the Win 7 install that are not replaced - again an known example of this is Direct X (DX)


You can use Programs and Features to check if you have any of the following 'libraries' installed or, if you wish, simply download and install them - the installers will check for any previous install and will replace any missing/invalid/corrupt files or install the complete package as appropriate...….


Visual C++ Runtime Redistributable packs - specifically version 2005 and 2008 but I also recommend installing 2010 as well. You can find download links for earlier versions HERE.


You will need to download the relevant 'bit' version for your OS (i.e. 32 or 64 bit). Click on the required link and a standard download option box will appear - DO NOT run the installer from this but select the Save As option and save the file to temp location. To install, right click on the file and select the Run as Administrator option. Install each package separately, starting with the oldest version, and reboot using the RESTART option between each install. The reboot is essential to allow the windows registry and important system files to be updated.


.NET Framework - specifically versions 3.5 and 4 - download from HERE and HERE - download and install using the same procedure for the C++ files.


Direct X (DX) - Again I suggest that you download and install the DX Redistributable pack from HERE, again using the download/install procedure stated above. The pack includes versions 9, 10 and 11 and the install process will only install missing versions and/or replace missing/corrupted/incompatible files of the versions it finds installed.


It is worth pointing out that you can have multiple versions of these 'libraries' installed. They are not just required by FSX but are used by many programs and apps. They will work happily along side each other and a program or app will automatically use the most compatible version.




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