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Stinson L-5G Sentinel download


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Could you perhaps provide more information about the airplanes in question, such as the File Name, or a more detailed Description?


Thanks! :pilot:

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I found 2 files that would fit your description, which one is it please?


I found file:


Tagged as "complete aircraft with model, panel, sound"

And as "Base model from original designer"


And file:


This file is not tagged in the library as complete aircraft. (But that could be an error of the library, it may be complete.)


I think you have the best chance of getting a working aircraft with the first one, stinson5ls.zip.

The other one may work too.

I don't use FS2004 myself, so I can't help you install this myself, but post the filename of the one you downloaded, so others can help.



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il88pp, how did you find those two L-5's in the first place. I did a search and got nothing. Did you do a specialized search? If so, what additional information did you give? I'm asking for future reference when my search turns up nothing. Thanks.
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yeah, I used the: File Library -- Advanced search -option. (a few times;))


stinson l-5 sentinel

gave nothing, though that is in the file description of two of them.


At first I also selected the boxes for:

"complete aircraft with panel, model, sound"


"Base model from Original designer"

as I always do to increase the chance of aircraft being complete. But got no results then either of course.


Then I chanced a guess at:

Stinson l5

(without the - sign)


Bingo, three hits.

Weirdly, one said full aircraft in the description, but did not have the file library icons for complete aircraft.


searching: Stinson l5 (without the - sign)

with: "complete aircraft with panel, model, sound" -selected,

Comes up with nothing!


You never can tell with bees...

(-Winnie the Pooh-)

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I found both, finally. Downloaded them, and as you said l5s seems to be complete, altho1 with C-182 instruments and modern key-type mags. I'm kinda picky 'bout that stuff because I have about 50 hrs of PIC time in the L-5. When I dropped the l5s into fs9, it worked flawlessly. When I did the same with l5 (without the "s", it somehow produced an error that now won't l1et me load flight sim. I deleted all the f5 and f5s stuff I downloadea, but I still get an error message about an f5 file that won't let me download past that point. Anyone know how to 'reset?" I tried re-installing all four discs and got the same error mrssage.
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File tested: stinsonl5.zip


I'm sorry. I don't know nought about FS2004. I downloaded the file and found no virus. (But that's never definitive of course, just a good sign.)


I tried installing.

First only the aircraft. Not the gauges. (often not required, and can cause issues when same filenames)

-Aircraft works fine.

-No preview image in aircraft selecting screen, but that can be fixed.

-When selected aircraft spinning nicely in preview window.

-aircraft flies fine. Good viewpoint and nice flight dynamics.

-Many gauges missing. To be expected, I hadn't intsalled them yet.

-Gauges that were there were extremely clear. Very pleasant surprise. Clear even in most zoomed out view.


Now the gauges.

*added all gauges that came with the plane to the aircraft's panel folder, 25 (!!) in total. Do not put the gauges folder that came in the download in the panel folder, put the seperate gauges in it.

*In fsx, some of those gauges were already in my /FSX/Gauges folder, I did not want to overwrite those. By putting them in the aircraft's panel folder instead, the aircraft uses them from there. (It will only look in the Main gauges folder when it cant find it in the panel folder.)

Ok, observations.

-When loading the aircraft I did accept all gauges, But did not allow them as "trusted gauges".

-When loading the aircraft I got reports about 5 gauges: "unable to load gauge, gauge created for FS'98 or earlier"

After starting a flight:

-More gauges showed, especially in the 2D panel. Still have the feeling some things are missing. There is some room for more in the panel.

-In the VC the situation seemed the same.


The gauges that are there look very nice. However, around them is a transparent area, that creates a gap in the panel you see the sky through!

Another Big problem, one very important gauge is missing, The Compas/Heading indicator in the VC.



What that means for you however is another matter entirely.

I am testing it in fsx Gold with Accelleration. That has very different gauges from FS2004, So the gauges that I found missing could be present in your install and you then don't have those issues.


But I can say it is a working aircraft. And I expect it to work in fs2004 as well as it does in fsx, if not better.


I have no idea why your fs2004 won't start up, but I doubt it has anything to do with the files from this aircraft. I feel pretty safe with it. It is well behaved, and exactly as I expect an fs2004 aircraft to look like.

Since I don't have fs2004, I can't help much with the startup problem.


Post the exact error message you get on startup (in full), those details matter.

Know that there is also a specific FS2004 forum where they may be more people that can help out with these specific types of errors. (click on "forum" at the top of the page, and scroll down the list to the fs2004 forum.

Typing some keywords from the error message in the search box at the top of the forum may find the answer quicly too.


here are pics of the VC and 2D panel.

(somehow the pics form this ac came out rotated! had to rotate them with paint.)











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Thanks so much, il, for your time to do all that checking. I did notice that the panel you found was much more 1940's military; ie clunky mag switch rather than modern key-switch. Thanks for tips on installing individual gauges. You've helped above and beyond!
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il88pp -

I finally got the L-5 I like downloaded for FS2004, as it wouldn't work in my FSX. It flys very much as the real airplane, too. For instance, with a wheel landing, you can hold the tail up much, much longer than you can with the FS2004 Champ. I have a Champ, and the tail comes down pretty soon after a wheel landing in that plane, both in the real one and the FS2004 one. So I am really pretty pleased with the FS2004 L-5 performance.As I said, I want to put the actual l5 gages in the panel instead of the C-182 ones that downloaded with it. I didn't understand all that you said about how to put them individually in the panel spots. Do you know of an article on the FlightSim website that deals in a complete fashon with changing out gages? I'm sure there is one, but can't find it. Thanks for any help. flynmu2

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I did find the l-5 gages I need, as well as the blank l-5 panel with instrument holes. I thought it would be as simple as right clicking each instrument, dragging it and dropping it where it belongs into the panel. Not so. I will try the thread you mentioned. Thanks again.
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