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landing lights in default 737


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In my opinion, the default Boeing 737_800 has the landing lights and the retractin system off when the button is in on and viceversa. I tried to invert the situation by modifying the overhead popup.xml file in the B737_800 gauge. but I was not able, with cabdir, to get the new file.

Is my opinion correct and, if I am correct, why cabdir fails to get the new gauge?

Many thanks and, please excuse my poor English. giorda35

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The switch is not reversed.


there's two switches for the landing light.

One is in the VC. The other on the 2D panel.


If you use them both they can get out of synch.


Flight starts. Both switches are in off position. VC switch in off position, 2D switch also in off position. And lights are off. So is correct.


Turn VC switch on -- light goes on

but.. 2D panel switch is still in off position.


Turn 2D switch to ON position also---> light now switches from back off.


To fix. switch VC light switch off. Light goes on. (and 2D panel switch is still on)

After that the 2D switch is On position. And light is on also.



To avoid the problem altogether. Use only VC switch. Or only 2D panel switch. Not both.




When you drop a .cab file on cabdir.exe the

uncabbed folder will be in the same folder that the .cab file was in.



so nothing wrong with the switches.

What's going on is, the switches fire the command "landing lights"

that command changes the state the lights are in. So if lights are on the command turns them off. And if they are off the command turns them on.

The switch fires the same command when moved to on as when moved to off.

It does not use separate commands for off and on. Just one command is used, "change landing light state".

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