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FSX and Flight Sim 2004 on same Win 10 PC


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I have a Win 10 PC, and was able to get FSX installed and working fine...however when I installed Flight Sim 2004 it messed up the FSX, does anyone know if it's possible to get both games working on the same PC.


They work fine together. I installed FSX first on mine, followed by FS2004. No issues.

Mark Daniels
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Hi Gary,


I too have FSX & FS2004 on the same PC, it matters not the OS Win7/Win10, neither sim share any common Folders or registry entries. The only potential suspects would be if either sim was installed into OS protected folders where potential Admin permissions presented as a problem, or you installed with UAC enabled which denied privileges. AntiVirus can also present issues where programs are falsely flagged and critical elements are Quarantined. Odd indeed for FSX to bug out upon install of FS2004. What are the things in FSX that are messed-up, does FSX still start and is it flyable.

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Have you got both sims installed in C:Program files (86x) they always seem to work best outside that folder?

You could try and uninstall FS2004 as it is easier to uninstall than FSX, then re-install it again making sure you have it in a separate folder.



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