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Puzzling artifacts in Brazil


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Hi All:

I am flying P3Dv4.5 which is running very smoothly and without serious problems. I recently started exploring South America and noted some odd looking areas which appear to be related to the season. It is difficult to describe them so I have attached a couple pf representative screen shots.


I have seen them (thus far) only in parts of Brazil, starting somewhere north of Rio and extending down at least as far south as Montevideo. They seem to be limited to coastal areas as far inland as 100-200 miles. They are absent around Brasilia. Spot checks of a number of other South American Countries have been negative. The markings appear to be limited to areas of trees and foliage, and to be absent from desert areas and rocky mountains.


The only addon sceneries with South America are the FTX SA mesh and Free Mesh Global v2. Disabling either of theses sceneries has no effect on the artefacts.


I am learning to ignore their presence but it would be nice to make them disappear altogether. Any explanations for their existence would be most welcome, and suggestions for making them disappear would be even more welcome.






southeatsern So Amer - Copy.jpg

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Hello Jorvik,


The presence of these seasonal markings particularly over Brazil/Argentina is related to leftover elements from MS ACES original development process.

It is not a mesh issue nor an issue regarding addon scenery for Brazil.

Do you also have "FTX Global Base" Textures, as you indicate (FTX_SA Mesh) is installed.

Head over to the Orbx forum, ask your question, include your pictures. The presence of these seasonal markings particularly over Brazil/Argentina is related to an incomplete installation of FTX Global Base. The solution may require a reinstallation of FTXG Base.

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Hello jethrom:


Thanks for the very enlightening reply. i do not have FTX Global Base Textures installed. Inas much as LM P3D has genetic links with ms flight sim, is it possible that there are some traces of textures from the Aces? I originally submitted my problem to the P3D Forums but got no reply. I will send a copy to FTX Orbx and see what they say.



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