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FSX SE out of date!!!!


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hello im new to flight sims im using FSX SE and brought the aurosoft CRJ-700/900 and im getting good at flying it, now i do group flights with bish of twitch and follow his plans off navigraph charts which i have also, i export it to my sim then program my FMS and ALOT of the sid's , trans , star's , trans , waypoint's , some airport RW's are different numbers etc, are not there because FSX SE is that old, now is there anything out there that can maybe update all this or is in a unlucky and deal with it thing lol...
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Hi wilsh81,


There is an updated "AIRAC" Navaid database available, but it can be a bit tricky and also a little hit and miss depending on your Aircraft type, NAV facilities and whatnot, Complex aircraft like the CRJ-700/900 may well have an updated FMC NAV database, best to check with Aurosoft first.


If updating FSX Navdatabase AIRAC,

I would suggest you read a few threads about the issues first and read the FAQ/Documentation on the download site before going ahead with any Navaid update.

Perhaps you will do it anyway... but backup your current AIRAC database before making any changes, or perhaps you will opt to stick with your currently outdated Navaids. Which is what I have in my FSX-A DVD setup, I don't really notice when old data doesn't match, as long as the sim matches what I need and where I'm flying.


Here is the Download site: https://sors.fr/aero/navaids3.html


Suggest you read these threads beforehand.



How-to Update AIRAC data, YT video:


Cheers Jethro

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