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Need advice purchasing or building a new PC please

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Hello all,


I am wanting to purchase or build a new PC that will enable me to run the latest flight sim programs. I am a commercial pilot just getting back in the air after 17 years and want to use my sim to sharpen my skills. I have a bunch of the Saitek hardware, pedal, yoke, multi engine throttles, trim wheel, switches, radios, auto pilot, plus 5 monitors all running thru a really old PC now. Any direction or help would be greatly appreciated. As for budget, under $2k would be nice if possible.

I am looking for a complete list of hardware: case, power supply, motherboard, processor, ram, SSD, hard drive, graphics card(s) and anything else I have overlooked as well as what operation system, Windows 10? My current pc is Windows 7, which I also use for work with the Microsoft office suite and Adobe pro., those are old, none subscription based programs, 2010 I think.

Additionally, where is a good place to purchase all the required stuff if I build or best place to buy already built?

Thank you,



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First and foremost. You were one lucky guy to do something for a job that was not really a job per say. I wish I could fly in real life myself. But the current FAR precludes me from doing so.


Okay. The thing is now is that there is a new Sim coming out that as of right now is just called Flight Simulator. The Sim is slated to be released in 2020 some time I guess. The graphics for that are incredible, but no one knows the exact hardware requirements yet and can only speculate based on the new Xbox that will come out that will also allow you to fly in this Sim. So whether you want to wait it out until then is up to you.



Now with FSX or FS2004 those games are in large part CPU orientated and single threaded to boot. Meaning that you want a CPU with a fast single thread capability. Pretty much a Coffee Lake version Intel CPU will do it. But you can go here and see the single thread ratings for each CPU. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html


As to the rest of the hardware. You can go here and build a system and they will list vendors where you can purchase from. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/


Most people buy from Newegg or Amazon. But there are many companies that sell computer parts. Are you familiar with building a PC at all? You probably want Windows 10 since in 2020 Windows 7 won't get updates anymore. I personally don't use updates or like Windows 10 at all however. But the new Sim coming out will more than likely only work in Windows 10.

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...Most people buy from Newegg or Amazon. But there are many companies that sell computer parts. ... .


I buy from two other places. B&H to save on taxes and BestBuy where I price match and pickup from the store to save on shipping.

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Honestly, depending on the sim you choose, you're gonna probably gonna struggle to power five monitors on that budget. Graphic cards are ridiculously expensive at the moment, especially Nvidia. I'd personally wait and see what AMD come out with soon and what Nvidia has lined up to compete. Also, if you intend to play MSFS 2020, wait and see what the system specs are for it.

Hardware-wise it all depends on what type of plane and style of flying you like. I've realised there's no really no one-stop shop for all flight-sim hardware. Like on a site like simmarket.com you can purchase a Force Feedback Cessna Yoke for $1895 (and prices quickly escalate!), or you could 'make do' with a Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Hotas for around $130 (I still need to add the throttle unit) and still have a blast.

It sounds like you have a hardware cockpit type environment in mind. That's way beyond my means, but then I was never a pilot and have nothing to compare my experience to. Any other questions, feel free to ask.

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