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new update 0.8.9 crashes RFS


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So updated the sim this morning to 0.8.9 and crashed instantly !


i am running the sim on bluestacks to get a better experience with the sim! works great

with 0.8.8 then crashes with 0.8.9 right at the first screen?


awaiting support to get back to me? hopefully its an easy fix but cant see it!


ive also reinsatlled the app and exactly the same? anyone else having problems with the new update?

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This has got to be the quietist forum ive ever encountered ! very little support here i find for real flight sim users !


so are there any users on this forum who today have updated their real flight sim to version 0.8.9 and either have a great game with added features or have hit problems? mine now crashes at start up ! contacted support at 10 am this morning but as of yet no response

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