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From Triple Monitor to What?

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I've been running a three monitor set up for years in FS9, FSX and X-plane. In the future, I anticipate using FSX and X-plane, and perhaps the new MS sim.


I gave up on using the triple monitors for an extended screen view because of the ghastly stretch at each end. So, in recent years I have used the 2nd and 3rd monitors for undocked bits of panels, and Navigation programs like Little Nav Map (LNM) run on a network.


My problem now is that the middle screen (they are all 24 inch identical types, aged about 8 years) has failed.


I am looking for advice on what to do next as I think I have four options:


1. Replace the 24 inch monitor with another similar if I can find one. Problem with this is that both the aging 2nd and 3rd monitors could fail at any moment.


2. Buy a curved screen for a full panoramic view - hopefully without distortion anywhere. I do not know anything about curved screens.


3. Buy three new 27 inch screens and continue as before. This would be the easiest option.


4. Move to Oculus Rift or similar. I do not know if these can be used alongside standard monitors showing moving map programs like LNM. I have read about motion sickness, poor resolution, and low frame rates with Oculus Rift.


I'd be grateful for advice.



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Any flight sim looks amazing on a 34" 21:9 curved ultrawide monitor. If it's only flight sims you play then a 60Hz monitor won't be much more affordable now that there are 144Hz versions available. The curve you barely even notice, it makes the experience more immersive imo, and it's amazing to watch films which were shot in 21:9 in fullscreen! Maybe pair it with a 24" or 27" 1080p for controls and stuff. My setup was the 34" and a 24" networked to my laptop and tablet.

On the VR front, I think we've a couple of years to make everything look good enough and work with all the hardware. Just my two cents.

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