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Gex interface


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Hi gaftpee,


What do you exactly mean regarding your comments about the interface?


Does the interface tool:


A. Open when you click on the icon or...

B. Do you get an error message that says the shortcut is invalid or the target file is missing.


If B. check you antivirus (AV) product to see if the file has been deleted or quarantined. It is a known common problem that some AV products will, based on the methods in which they scan files for threats, declare what is called a 'false-positive' and flag the GEX Interface .EXE file as being a threat. If you have downloaded GEX from a reputable source (i.e. directly from the Flight1 website) or installed directly from the original product DVDs then it is very unlikely that the file has a virus.


Most AV products will allow you to restore the file from quarantine and then allow you to either 'flag' it as a safe/trusted file or exempt it from future scans. For piece of mind you can upload the file to Virus Total (via this LINK) - it will be checked against multiple AV products.


If you want further info about activating GEX (and GEX in general) visit the Flight1 GEX support pages available via the main Flight 1 Software website at this LINK




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