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Cesna at kase airport


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In aviation, hot and high is a condition of low air density due to high ambient temperature and high airport elevation. Air density decreases with increasing temperature and altitude. The reduced density reduces the performance of the aircraft's engine. Aviators gauge air density by calculating the density altitude.


"Hot" and "high" do not have to be mutually inclusive of one another, though this tends to be the exception. If an airport is especially hot or high, the other condition need not be present. Temperature and pressure altitude can change from one hour to the next. The fact that temperature decreases as altitude increases mitigates the "hot and high" effect to a small extent.


i personally struggle to get concorde off the ground with the afterburners going full bore same with katmandu in nepal simply wont take off ?


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It sounds like your mixture was set too rich.


At high altitude there is less oxygen in a liter of air.

If you leave the mixture at "rich" there will be so much fuel in the fuel/oxy mixture that goes into the engine that there is not enough oxygen to burn all of the fuel.


Reduce the mixture setting. That way there is exactly so much fuel in the mix that it will all burn up with the available oxygen. The engine will then produce more power.



If you take off from a low altitude you start with the mixture full rich and you then need to reduce the mixture more and more as you climb higher and higher.


If you start at a high altitude airport like in your question you have to start with a reduced (lean) mixture setting.


The mixture is set by using the red lever on the throttle panel. (in cessna the lever is red. I think it's the middle lever.).

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