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Doors position with Model Converter


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I know that with Model Converter it is possible to find the correct position of plane doors in FSX. There is a tutorial on this subject?

I think I have to open the aircraft.cfg file, but I have not found any procedure to follow. It is possible to have a tutorial or some indication on this Subject? Thanks vgiord

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Do this with a light effect in the aircraft.cfg file. Install a green nav light that turns on with the nav light switch. Put it in a position near the cockpit, but in a spot outside the aircraft.

Turn the light on. The move it by changing coordinates. Save cfg file, and reload the plane to see the result. Slowly move it towards the door position that you see on the outside model.

Once position is found, move the light inward so it is close to the side of the aircraft.

Use those coordinates to define the exit in the aircraft.cfg file.

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