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Issues with Saitek Yoke drivers


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I'm posting again in this area in the hope that I may get more productive responses.


After 15 month or so away from X Plane 11 and even powering up the PC with it on I'm trying to get back into simming.


When I switched the PC on (Windows 10) it spent a lot of time automatically updating itself. When it finished I loaded X Plane 11 and updated that as well only to find that my Saitek Yoke no longer worked.It's not an X plane issue even though X Plane is not recognising the Yoke nor the Throttle quadrant. The rudders and radio stacks that are connected to the yoke work so the powered hub components are apparently working. When I try to install any of the available drivers, I've tried 3 to date the Logitech splash screen shows a green bar indicating progress which then just stops. The "Next" button is greyed out preventing further activity and Task Manager shows that the USB devices are not recognised. Logitech have suggested several solutions none of which work. The latest was to try installing the drivers on another machine. I tried installing on another 2 machines with exactly the same results. They are now suggesting a hardware problem. I don't understand how it can be a Saitek hardware issue if it's the driver install that is failing or a PC issue when I have tried 3 PC's


Logitech are quite slow in responding so I'm getting a little desperate.



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Sorry if I'm too late to help but great if you've fixed it. I'm no expert but a lot of the hassle with installing stuff into Win10 seems to be the oversensitive security settings. Try switching off your virus protection and running the driver install as administrator, if possible. Otherwise I thought XP11 was already set up for Saitek/Logitech gear. (I'm an XP10 user, I've only seen the XP11 demo briefly.)



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