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Airport Design Editor (ADE) elevation file not included in download release


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Over the last year I have downloaded some freeware airport sceneries for existing airports created by Airport Design Editor (ADE) and the author has made elevation changes to the proper elevation for the airport they have created. The problem, I will go to the airport and the runways will be floating or there will be other issues. This is cause by not including the elevation file that is created by ADE in the FSX/scenery/World/scenery folder. When scenery developers create airports with elevation changes using ADE, could they please make sure this file ins included in their release. This file will be ICAO_ADEX_XXX_ALT.bgl. ICAO will be the 3 or 4 character ICAO code for the airport and XXX will be whatever initials you chose for in the ADE for the file name in the setup. The airport will appear okay on your system because this file was created by ADE and stored on your system but if you do not include this file with your release with directions of where to put it, there could be issues with floating runways.


Thank you,


John Cottreau

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