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B-17G Flying Fortress Nine-O-Nine Crashes

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The B17G designated as the "Nine-O-Nine" crashed on Wednesday that killed six and injured seven. I find it extraordinary that no one has mentioned this as of yet in a post.


I actually had the opportunity to go up in this aircraft about 2 years ago. A truly moving experience if you ever get the opportunity to go up in a B-17.


Godspeed to those who died as well as those who were injured.

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Brigadier General Frank Savage

918th Bomb Group "Hard Luck Group"

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What a great plane she was :(

Here is the download



Thank you 9-0-9 for serving our country for so many years

May the 7 people rest in peace +++


Rest in peace ... The people .... And the beautiful Nine-0-Nine :( +++



**I will be creating... (repainting, full credit to creator) .. a FS2002 B-17 aircraft in Memory of 909

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