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A new dawn approaches

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Thanks for the forum, I had thought that you guys had forgotten about the new sim..


Let's have a competition to name the sim, as there seems to be a little confusion on another site on whst to call it.


So, to start, I would like the moderators to rename the FS2004 forum, and call it FS IX to start.


Microsoft Flight Simulator is already being called FS2020, FS 20, and a few others.

Maybe we should call it FSXX?


Let's have some suggestions?


Cape Town, South Africa

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I've heard it's being abbreviated as "MFS". In the past I've often seen MSFS generically used for any of the previous versions.


Renaming FS2004 forums does not make sense. When released the name on the box was "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 A Century Of Flight". Though many people call it FS9 that was never actually part of the name.

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Good idea!

I wonder if Microsoft will choose a forum and give the Simmers a chance to name the next version by vote?


Like they mentioned "The Last Windows Version" about Windows 10, after looking at the demo, this was my first thought. Maybe this will also be the last version of Microsoft Flight Simulator?!


They said themselves that 'Microsoft Flight' was a flop! Did the change of name have anything to do with it? Who knows?


Why continue with MSFS? Just give it a real name like "SKYLINERS" or "SKY-X" or . . . ? (No, I didn't grow up with the doowop groep, although I could have.) :o

FSX Rules!! :pilot:

What time's the next flight?

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