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Ground Services compatability


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I would like to enhance the airport ground services for Prepar3D v4 and I am seeing two main payware to do this. It seems that there is some overlap between them, but there are differences, too. The packages are Ground Services X by FSDreamTeam and Ultimate Ground Crew X by FS2Crew. I have not used either of these companies software before and am unfamiliar with them.


UGCX seems to cover more of the ground crew animations and has the voice control but GSX seems to cover more of the vehicle type stuff (again, some crossover with pushback vehicles, marshaling, towing).


Has anyone else installed both packages? Do they play nice together? If not, which one do you have and why is it your choice?

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I would be surprised if there was not some conflicts... they basically perform the same functions?


That is what I was thinking. There are differences, but some crossover. I was hoping someone else has had experience with them and their options and interfaces. Maybe things can be turned off in one and left on in the other.


I work that way with my REX Skyforce and ActiveSky packages. The weather engine I activate is AS and leave the weather engine OFF in SF, but use the environment and clouds of SF. I have had no problems and they place nice together.

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