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Ground Handling Gauge


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This gauge does not move the C-5 Galaxy, even at the very top ground speed aircraft won't move.

Works on all other heavies though, just won't move the king of all military Big Boy's.

Tomorrows flight of the day for me is...C-5 OAIX > EGVA.

Made my own route with skyvector because, simbrief had no routes available.


Anyone have this issue?

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Which version of GH is this ? (V5 or V6)


If V5:

probably the Taxispeed gauge doesn't give enough (pre-programmed) throttle to start moving, for this C5 model.

I suggest to upgrade to V6 (file rcbgh-60.zip here in the library), which uses a different (much better) way of Taxispeed control.


If V6:

Please mail me the panel.cfg of this C5, in which you added the GH gauges.

Most probably (since it works for other aircraft), something is wrong in the panel.cfg definition.

(see my README for my Email address).



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