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Google Earth and Windows 10


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I was watching a YouTube video where a guy used the flight sim in Google Earth, not FS but the one inside GE.

I thought I would give it a try so downloaded the latest version of GE that said it would work in Windows10.

Installed it but the flight sim was grayed out, I read in the later version of GE it is disabled, so I then downloaded an earlier version of GE.

This threw up a few errors plus it didn't open properly, there was no functions or anything but these errors, I tried to run in in compatibility mode and that scattered the icons on my desktop all over the place plus it changed the display settings, took me a while to sort it out.


So my question does anybody else run GE in Windows 10 and have the inbuilt flight sim, if so what did I do wrong?



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Thanks Rees, I forgot about this post, I gave up on it lol.

I have since gone on to another project, I have changed my copy of FS2004 to a retro sim, I'm flying in the 60's era, I have got lots of ai traffic flying plus changed the scenery to SilverWings, what a big difference it has made.

I still have FSX and X-Plane on the PC but been busy with this at the moment.


Side issue, is Rees your first name or surname, my surname is Reece?



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