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Military AI Works FS9


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As Col has pointed out MAIW now do many packages either as FS9, FSX and P3D. The files should go into specific locations for them to be viewed properly.


If you are putting the files in the correct locations as specified in the included readme then the most likely reason for them not showing up could be a lack scenery that accepts the AI. Many airports in the sim, especially military locations and smaller GA airports, lack the appropriate coded parking spaces. Indeed, in many circumstances, they have no parking spaces or the taxiway infrastructure required for AI. If the airport has no parking spaces then there is nowhere for the AI to load and thus they don't show. This is the main reason why MAIW packages provide the scenery.


Try adding the scenery and see what happens.




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@ HopperFouga…


If they still don't show after you have added the scenery give us info on the following plse:


A. What sim you are using?

B. What packages(s) are you trying to install?


@ Enko...


Just for info - the MAIW packages referred to by the OP come with dedicated flightplans for the included package. The packages include everything that is required to get them up and running - most packages include the AI models, flightplans (as a .bgl traffic file and the basic .txt files), scenery, voice packs and, where appropriate, effect files.


As I (and Col) have stated, MAIW now offer packages for FS9, FSX and P3D. However, it is worth noting that many of the earlier packages are FS9 only and do require some basic work to get them to show in FSX/P3D. The main issue is the flightplans, they need to be converted for use in FSX/P3D using AIFP or TTtools.


WRT to the traffic files - there is no need to use AIFP or TTtools to install them - the .bgl files are simply placed in an active scenery folder and that's it. You only need to use an AI tool if you want to convert them as indicated above.


It is worth noting that recently MAIW have provided a number of FSX/P3D conversion packages for the AI models and flightplans, These packages can be used to update the earlier FS9 only packages. For example, they now have mod packs for all of the traffic files in one convenient download. The website also has many converted/updated scenery files for FSX/P3D that can be used to replace the original FS9 scenery.




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