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Flightplan Interpretation


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An aircraft #2, registered RJBB departs Osaka on Sunday 15:07, flies to KLAX at FL360 to land on Monday 01:54. Departs KLAX on Tuesday 04:00 back to Osaka (FL360 again) to land there on Tuesday 14:47.


It does it once a week, will be visible with traffic set at 1% or higher. And probably something I've overlooked.


R means it'll be called by ATC by the registration (RJBB), not by an eventual Airline annex flight number (the 0001 and 0000)


Not sure, but the times are Zulu IMO.


It's read from left to right.



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Ok Thanks F16jockey.


I've been trying to plan an international flight and haven't been successful, I'm trying to plan the prime minister of Japans 777-300er. Leaving KLAX to RJBB or RJAA the following is the way I've planned a new flight today from Washington to Japan.


Dep KDCA @ 17:00 FRI

ARR RJAA @ 19:37

DEP RJAA @ 13:00

ARR KDCA @ 11:37 FRI

DEP KDCA @ 17:00 FRI


Flight doesn't appear at the airport on international routes, is their something wrong with the way I've planned this flight?

I get no errors when i add flight to list nor, do i get errors when compiling the flight.

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The times in flightplans are UTC. So you habve to convert the UTC time to the local time you are at to see the plane sitting there. Then you need to look around to see where's it's parked.


In the "place or time zone", enter your location for the plane. http://www.timebie.com/timelocal/newyork.php Now adjust UTC to the time in your flight plan and compare it to the location. That should be when the plan is landed or taking off.


KDCA is Eastern time, same as New York which is -4 UTC. So if it's 17:00 UTC for Washington it's 13:00 local time.

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