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Scenery Folders Confusing


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Is there a reference like in a tutorial about how to match the folders containing the .bgl files in each of the folders inside the scenery folder from the main directory of FSX, for example use the first folder ; #0000, to actual locations or airports?


For anyone who is new to this thing (or old and got zapped every time they tried to look through or at and the contents of this sim) and could not find their way, it will be great to get some help about this.



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If the link that Brian/Longbreak provided created more curiosity, then you would do well to read the actual Scenery and Terrain info that is part of the SDK, either the one available in your installed SDK or an identical one online. I also have a sort-of alternate version I wrote up about 10 years ago that may (or may not) present some of the concepts more clearly. It can get pretty deep with more numbers than most people need but you can keep it as 'shallow' as you'd like.



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