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Flying in Sweden


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I stumbled on this site, it may be useful to those that don't know it, I downloaded some scenery for FSX but there is a lot of stuff for FS2004 also.

The scenery was very good and easy to install, I am going to install the FS2004 scenery now, to be honest I very rarely fly in Sweden but this has made a big difference.

There is other useful files on the site too you may find to your advantage, what I did though was install one first to test it out, that worked OK so did another and son on, have a look and see what you think:





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It's good to share things like this, I have stumbled on a few sites in the past looking for a particular aircraft only to find a small treasure trove, I will admit I have never posted the links which I should really.

I mean by posting the link I found has prompted more links to other treasure troves, some may already know of them but a lot won't.


Thanks guys. Col.

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