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Question related to Addon Airport & AI


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Hi, I have a question regarding an Addon airport I have, so first thing first i'm not an Airport Designer, I dont know a lot when it comes to designing, so sorry if im bad at explaining my current situation. Alright so I have this Freeware Jordan scenery which I got from here:




& Its great, I find it fantastic, but here is the issue I have: The AI Traffic currently parked in the gates wont move at all, they just stay parked, I dont think its the airport though because Airplanes to tend to land from time to time, and can figure out the taxiway, etc. I feel like it has something to do with the Fuel Trucks though, AI Normally tend to refuel before taxiing I think, I tested that and apparently there are no fuel trucks in the airport, I thought thats the issue, correct me if im wrong. So like I said im not an Airport Designer, I dont know anything related to it, but i'd really appreciate if someone can help me with this issue, adding fuel stations to an airport, At least list a few steps I can take to solve it myself, Thanks.

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The scenery is made by/for VATSIM simmers.


My experience with those sceneries is they’re visually extremely correct with regards to taxiways, signs, frequencies etc. All according to the latest charts. But obviously they don’t care about AI.


So expect unconnected taxiways, unconnected parking spots, unconnected whatevers, as long as it’s visually correct. In other words, lots of work to make it AI ready.

A VATSIM afcad is not the easiest one to start from for a beginner.



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Looking at the airport BGL, the main reason why AI can't take off is due to the absence of start locations on one runway and the fact the hold short nodes are too far away from the runway start locations. Then there are a lot of unconnected nodes, overlapping nodes and orphan nodes. I could redo all this utter crap, but I read the ReadMe and it strictly states that I can't edit the file and redistribute.


No, AI don't require fuel at all to fly. Just you, the Sim pilot. AI are just dumb planes that can fly without fuel and will happily fly in hurricanes, etc. And you won't even see the wind affect the plane.


In order for this to work you need to know how to use ADE and fix all the errors one at a time. I'd start with adding those two runway start locations and moving the hold short nodes closer to the start locations. Ideally, have the hold short circle overlap the start location.


The airport file is OJAI_ADE9_CW.bgl. Just drag it over the top of the ADE shortcut icon on your desktop if you chose to try and tackle this yourself.

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CRJ is correct above, I recently downloaded an airfield that had just what he described, a couple of overlapping taxiways, the parking spots not connected and a few other things, so in effect it was of no use to use for ai type aircraft unless you went to trouble of correcting everything.


I would point out though the wind does have an effect on ai, what I mean is if you ever follow an ai you will notice every now and again it sways from side to side then flies level again.

If you go in advanced weather setting you can disable the wind and you will notice the ai flies level all the time, no more swaying.

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Thanks for the responses, I understand its only for online, wont ask for anything related to it anymore, sorry to bother you guys.


Hey, no problem. It's better to ask and learn then guess. Now you know.


It can all be fixed, it's just that you need to know how to do it.

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