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AIFP 2121 issues


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Well I'm using AIFP 2121 to create my own AI traffic at airports however, a huge problem has suddenly come up as of late.


When i click save file set as, i don't get that long stream of info in the file name box. Below is what i get.

Flightplans_xxx.txt....After that when i click..Compile traffic file and save then compile the flightplan, i only get a bgl file for the Scenery/World/Scenery folder.

Their is nothing in the documents folder...Aircraft txt..Airport txt...Flightplan txt...What can be going on ?


please help because i love generating my own AI traffic, most of my airports are filled with planes i have created.

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For starters, you'll need the latest version of AIFP, available here:




Go to the option "Latest General Release" on the left side of your screen.


And what you SHOULD get is exactly what you get, a compiled .bgl file for \Scenery\World\Scenery. That IS the flight plan file.


Support for AIFP is found on the AIG site, here:




You will have to register and log in, but it's all free.



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Okay here is what I'm talking about.





Save file set as.JPG



I've never had this problem before and, do i even need to have those 3 files in my document folder?


Aircraft txt

Airport txt

Flightplan txt


Tired to install just the Traffic bgl into Scenery/World/Scenery folder and, the aircraft never left the gate...I waited 3 hours after it's original push time, aircraft still sitting at the gate.


Oh almost forgot.

I typed in...Traffic_JAPAN.bgl...Into the traffic file name box, since their was nothing there when i was ready to hit the compile button..The aircraft went nowhere.


Thanks for the response hope you can help me with this issue.

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Yes and no.


After a successful compile all information can be reread from the bgl. But for WIP it’s wise to have the source files as well.

[Edit]Jorgen and I seem to disagree on this


The solution is pretty obvious: on yr 2nd pic, replace Flightplans_xxx with Flightplans_MyPlan (or whatever, just not xxx) and click “Save”. The red #### marks should have gone after that.


OTOH you can’t expect us (on a non-specialist forum) to remember how an old version reacted. So upgrade as Jorgen suggested. Even on the specialist AIFP forum you won’t get away with it IMO.



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You can always re-create the source files, no need to keep them around.


What you do is copy the .bgl file to the Traffic Files folder in AIFP. Launch AIFP and go Files/Open Traffic File (.bgl), then hit Save File set, and the source files are now in the Traffic Files folder.


And yes, if you to to AIFP support the first thing you will be told is to update, if you are using an older version. I will also say that Don Grovestine, the author, is very responsive (if he's at home near his development system!).


But it is the same thing with every application, all the scarce development and support efforts MUST go to the most recent version, or everything would grind to a screeching halt.



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You say you see the aircraft, so the .bgl trafficfile is obviously working.

In Aifp you can choose to enter the departure times as local time at that airport or as UTC time. (there's a checkbox for that.).

If you have made the trafficplan with 08.00 UTC time, look for the aircraft at 08.00 UTC time as well.

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Okay thanks!

I'll try this A.S.A.P. Ive been populating my airports with created AI traffic for some time now, all of a sudden out of nowhere theirs a problem..Certain aircraft causes fatal errors too, A380's, Fiji's A330 i hope to get these issues fixed soon...I love sitting back and watching my created traffic land and takeoff, gets me away from flying for awhile.


Thanks again!

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Hallelujah it's working again!

However whenever i plan an international flight lets say, Klax>Rjaa the sim restarts over and over again. Like i mentioned before some aircraft won't allow, me to plan international AI flights.

The problem with the AIFP has been sloved thanks to you, I'm glad to know i can simply delete those 3 pesky files in my documents folder, Aircraft txt, Airport txt, Flightplan txt.


Thanks for your help!

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