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Scenery gone haywire!


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Hey everyone, been here awhile but only my first post and looking for some help.

Currently running FSX SE with REX 4 as it came with FSX SE when purchased. Everything runs fine until i bring any extras in. As soon as I installed Orbx's AI Traffic for Aus as well as the Orbx Libraries, the simulator has an issue. I'm guessing its a morphing problem and not sure how to fix it. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


2019-8-29_21-57-53-962 (1).jpg


2019-8-29_21-58-3-484 (2).jpg

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Hi Jacob,


This looks like an issue caused by where the individual scenery items are sitting in the scenery priority listing - especially the ORBX libraries.


Try moving the ORBX libraries down the list as low as possible but still keep them above the default FSX areas.




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Hi I had that issue, I was near the sea shore but got no sea just lad everywhere, when I contacted Orbx he told me to go on the FTX Central and at the bottom left there is a settings option, when on that I clicked 'Force Migration' and that fixed it, give it a try if it fails go on the Orbx website and look through the posts I'm sure you will find the answer without asking.



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I have some observations:


- I don't see a reason for installing the Orbx libraries, since you own none of their products (AI Traffic for AUS doesn't count IMO).


- So I would install one of their demos, so FTX Central can put up their proper file structure. As you seem to be interested in Oz, their AU Tasmania Demo could be an option.


- FTX Central now works with a library insertion point. It's best set just above the default Cities.

But again, this MAY cause issues if you have none of their products installed?

Btw my FTX Central version is 3.3.something, not 4?





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