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Wanted: aircraft painters to donate some time

steve crewdog

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I run a sim station for an aviation museum, several years ago the late, legendary Garry J. Smith repainted several aircraft in the colors of our museum aircraft, allowing visitors to fly the airplanes sitting right next to them. In the last few years we've acquired a few new aircraft, and we'd like to add them to our sims.


If anyone is interested in donating their time for a good cause, please PM me for details. Here's an example of the work Garry & I did: https://seareybuild.blogspot.com/2013/08/and-colored-girl-goes.html





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It would be great if this request can be honored.

Garry gave so much to the hobby, without much acknowledgment, and this is some way that his efforts could be honored. Steve's work at the museum is a worthy project to support as well.


Cape Town, South Africa

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Tried to PM you 2 times doesn't seem to want to work. PM Me an email.


Some of my recents for various forum requests





No worries, got both your PMs so they were sent after all.



Right now we're in the planning stage, don't think anything will happen fast but will let you know.

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