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Outside View top down distorted


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I can't say that I KNOW what is going on but let me throw out a couple of ideas/questions...


Zoom level 4 shows the view from hundreds of miles up and your screenshot doesn't contain a normal terrain view; it looks more like a LACK of texture perhaps from insufficient resources RAM/GRAPHICS CARD memory... This is also NOT a default zoom value and may be coming from a user-made 'default' flight while the top-down view was set at this value.


You say this is the default you always get when you select top-down (zoom level 4)? What happens if you restore the default zoom by pressing the [backspace] key? the default zoom is defined in the TopDown view section of the cameras.cfg and my copy of the original shows a default zoom value of 14.5. You can edit the config file and change that value while the sim is not running if you so choose.


If you are using the original MS default flight with the ultralight your starting zoom should be about 80, not 4; something has changed.


If you open any saved FLT file (with notepad), you will find a camera listing showing saved camera views: this is what the Top Down looks like (and its unique id)


-- default microsoft flight at Friday Harbor stored at ...\FSX\Flights\other\FLTSIM.FLT



Zoom=80.300003051757813 //

Translation=0, 0, 0

Rotation=0, 0, 0


If you have a custom default flight it's possible your default saved flight has a zoom of 4 here instead of some more normal value.


Check around and see if you are dealing with any of these situations...


Stuff like this is frustrating but there's usually an answer to be found when you look in the right place with your mouth twisted just so...



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My guess would be that you have some scenery (maybe photoreal) that is missing some mipmaps that would be used at that zoom level.


Try disabling any scenery addons and test.



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I finally sorted it after a fashion simply by ticking and unticking the Anti Aliasing box in options settings and display.

If it is ticked when I start the sim then I untick it or if it is unticked I just tick it and it restores my external top down view perfectly

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