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Question about UTT


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Hello all I was looking for some new and updated traffic flight plans and I found UTT so I have questions about it.(I have FSXSE)


1: Do the aircrafts and repaints come with the flights plans

1a: How do you install the flight plans

2: If not how do you install the repaints and aircrafts(it would be great if someone made a video on the steps)

3: Does the WOAI 737 work with the updated Alaska air flight plans

4: Do they have realistic sound if not how do you add some

5: Do the gates attach to the plane

6: Can you still create flight plans with AIFP

7: Should you delete your WOAI planes and flight plans

8: should you get the most recent and updated flight plan or should you get all of them.

9: And lastly if you can’t use WOAI 737s for the flight plans where can you find the 737s on the website.


If you read all of this thank you I wanna see if the UTT ai is really worth it

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WoAI is hopelessly outdated these days.


I don't know much about UTT, but you don't have to have WoAI to use it, it's a standalone product.


To learn more about AI in general, and also to get really up-to-date flightplans, go here:




It's all freeware there, whereas UTT is payware.



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