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Flying The Italian Constellation

casey jones

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It is very refreshing to come across a airplane that is rare but I came across it here. After years of seeing zillions of

the same tube liners over and over as if everyone is copying each other, I found the Breda Zappata BZ308, the

Italian Constellation, it is almost in the design of the American Lockheed Constellation but that is where it ends,

At first I fitted it with a Connie panel...it will not work, the panel that came with it was fashsioned from a DC3,

and modified for four engine, I modified it using my panel creator adding more gauges to the panel, it works

very well, pulling the thorttles back to about 170 to 200 knots gives it a almost 3,000 mi range, It is easy and

confortable to fly, I powered it with the four Bristol Centaurus engines which I am very happy with. I wish to

express my many thanks to Captain I. Attomo and Captain G. Ouai for their hard work and dedication to

building this find airplane.



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