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FSX freezes 10 minutes in flight then crashes


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Title says it all, it occurred last night and I don't know the reason for it at all, I tried removing recently downloaded addons, and it didn't work, I don't wanna reinstall the game and having to go through reinstalling every addon I have yet, I will appreciate any help given, let me know if you need more info to help me solve this.
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Look in Windows Control Panel--System--Event Logs

in Event Logs look in Administrator Events.

Find the last fsx crash and look at what "faulting module" is listed.

That will point to the reason for the crash. (it's not the module itself that is the problem. The module just crashed because of something in fsx.)


To find out more, look up on google: module name + fsx.

(and/or post here.)


There is also a 'sticky post' at the top of the fsx forum about "how to fix fsx crashes".

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Do you have UIAutomationCore.dll? It is supposed to help stop FSX crashes. You can find that by googling. And do you have Windows 10? If so, I set the compatibilty to Windows 7 and run the game as administator. This works for me.


Alright surprisingly this worked, I already did have UIAutomationCore.dll for some reason, but my compatibility was not Windows 7, thanks for the help!

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