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Steam and PMDG


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FYI everybody.......I followed the instructions of PMDG 777 and I now have the Triple 7 on Steam....also. the real wx download every 15 min in the FSX shows the rain right now that is in Tucson, Arizona...( but will be gone by Super Bowl in Phoenix on Sunday so don't get your shorts in a wad)...... and I checked with the FSX on my computer and Frame Rates on FSX at Tucson were less than 20.....and on Steam over 30.....so I am not a techie by any means as I have stated previously many times....so again ...just to inform the community....I am going to now get all my previous liveries into the PMDG on Steam. later, al v BTW....I got Steam for the $ 5 or so sale price...so no disks are involved...it just loads up ....and I like that....
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