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Help with joystick button configuration.


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I just bought a Thrustmaster HOTAS One with detachable throttle - for use with PC and XBox One in anticipation of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator coming out next year. The default configuration in FSX doesn't seem like the most ideal. What button layouts would you recommend? Pictured is the HOTAS X with empty labels, which is very similar. The only difference that I see is the buttons (circled in other picture) on the throttle base (three usable) and joystick base (two usable, center is power/connect). Any help would be much appreciated. I am new to FSX (and gaming in general).

thrustmaster hotas blank labels.jpg

Hotas One with buttons circled.jpg

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I have had one of these for almost 3 years now, and I still use the default button layout - I guess I have gotten used to it! Mind you, if you are running P3D, the button layout is different!


If you really want to go into button reconfiguration with either FSX or P3D, then you need to get the proper versions of FSUIPC (paid version).



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Thanks. I'll look that up. I'm new to all of this. It seems like there would be buttons for mixing, flaps, engine start... and the paddle on the throttle could be used somehow. I was hoping someone else had set theirs up and could point me in the right direction.
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I fly single engine GA pretty much only, so your mileage may vary.


1) not assigned... it was but I changed it because I kept squeezing it

2) Cycle exterior views

3) Nose up trim

4) nose down trim

5) Flaps up incrementally

6) Flaps down incrementally

7) ATC window

8) Bring up the map

9) Mixture rich slowly

10) Mixture lean slowly

11) I actually have touched this one

12) or this one!

Axis mode is green


I also have CH Pedals

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