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Double monitor problem during flight


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Hi everyone,


I don't know if there's a solution to this problem but I will try to describe it anyway. During my flight sessions, I use a combination of two monitors: in the main monitor is running FSX, I specify, in window mode, and in the other one are running some different programs such as a checklist for the airplane, a moving map, etc...


The problem is that during the flight (also in the ground, obviously :)) when I press with the mouse something that is in the secondary monitor, FSX always pauses and I continuously have to press any point in the main monitor where is running FSX and then press "P" to resume the flight.


I've been looking for a lot on the internet but I can't find any solutions to my problem, it's like FSX isn't always running in "foreground": I've indeed tried to put FSX in window mode but nothing..


Is there a solution to this annoying problem?


Thank you very much in advance!



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Are your instrument windows "undocked"?.


I run a similar system with the G1000 pfd and mfd on separate monitors and don't have the problem you have. My pfd and mfd windows are undocked.





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Hi Pietro,

Try FSX>common settings>no marking at 'break at changing application'


(sorry I only know the text in German)

happy landings! Christian:pilot:

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WD RED PRO 2TB Win 10, 64 bit; FSX Gold Acc.

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Oh, thank you very much guys! :D


I've never noticed this option before...


Since we're at it, can something be done also about the audio that stops when the window changes?


Thank you very much again! :o



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