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Settings have gotten a mind of it's own


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This is a first for me. My settings change without me doing anything to effect the changes. I'm having to go to settings and reset everything. This also includes my starting flight setting. This issue has taken place several times, I have no understanding as to why but I'd really like to fix this issue once and for all.
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It could have something to do with your FSX.cfg file. It's under the appdata folder which is hidden. An easy way to find it is to run Everything.exe and in the search enter fsx.cfg. You can edit the FSX.cfg file with notepad or Notepad ++. But you might try backing up your current FSX.cfg file to the desktop and then deleting the one in your appdata folder. Then launch FSX again and it will rebuild. Go back in and setup all your options. Quit FSX and then start it again and hopefully your settings should be the same.



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